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Years in the health and fitness industry


Of hours of coaching and nutrition experience


Of positive testimonials

“I work out, but I don’t feel like I LOOK like I work out.”

“These common strategies make no sense for my lifestyle, I need more personalized guidelines!”


Hi, I'm Heather.

  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • ISSA Accredited Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • W.A.G Nutrition Certification
  • OPEX Programming
  • PN Metabolic Health
  • Active Life Professional
  • CFL-1
"The proven tools you need to reach your goals, simplified to apply to anybody, anywhere."

Sound Familiar?

I’ve been there! My name is Heather, and I get it because I did it. 

I trained endless hours per day for years and never felt quite as lean, energized, or “healthy” as those doing my same workouts.
It took a while for me to realize that what was actually going to help me reach my goals wasn’t the time spent in the gym, but the other 23 hours NOT spent in the gym.

I started analyzing my eating habits, stress levels, hydration, sleep patterns, gut health, and everything else outside of my daily workouts.  Once I began implementing changes to my habits, everything changed. I finally started achieving the results I had been striving towards for years!

As an accredited nutritionist who owns and operates a gym, I realized just how many people were in the same spot I was. Instead of needing 1:1 attention, they really just need to be guided through the choices they make each day and align them with their goals.

23 Hour Health was created to help those that need to audit their lifestyle, have actionable steps forward, and have the desire to understand their own progress. It is NOT just another short-term program that promises rapid results and fails to deliver. Instead, our online platform is designed to sustain your results long-term, adapt to your lifestyle, and cut out all the noise.



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Heather Walsh


Expert Accredited Nutritionist

Gym Owner

Bachelor of Science

7+ Years Experience

Dan Miller, PhD.


Strength + Conditioning Coach

Expert Accredited Nutritionist


10+ Years Experience

Rob Migliaccio


Strength + Conditioning Expert

20,000+ Hours Experience

Gym Owner

Bachelor of Science

10+ Years Experience


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